Plant Equipment Inspections and Thorough Examinations

Work Equipment Inspection and Thorough Examination (PUWER Inspection)

Lloyds British International are global leaders in providing Work Equipment Inspections, PUWER Testing, PUWER Thorough Examination, and PUWER Certification services.

Lloyds British International’s services keep your company, and your work equipment compliant, ensuring that your employees are able to work safely and effectively. A Work Equipment Inspection is required in accordance with PUWER 1998.

Our teams of highly qualified engineers across the Middle East and Africa are able to provide engineering inspection, testing, and certification services on all types of equipment which require a thorough examination under LOLER 1998, PUWER 1998, WAHR 2005, PSSR 2000, and COSHH 2002. This includes Lifting Equipment and Accessories, Work Equipment, Mobile Plant Equipment, Access Equipment, Pressure Systems, Local Exhaust Ventilation, Passenger and Goods Lifts, and Industrial Doors.

Keeping equipment compliant can be a challenge, which is why we at Lloyds British International are here to completely manage your lifting equipment and work equipment needs and requirements to ensure your organisation and the individual’s within it remain safe and compliant.

Overview of the Thorough Examination and Inspection of Lifting Equipment

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (often abbreviated to PUWER) place duties on people and companies who own, operate or have control over Work Equipment.

This includes all businesses and organisations whose employees use Work Equipment, whether owned by them or not. In most cases, Work Equipment such as Overhead Cranes, Forklift Trucks, and Access Equipment is also classed as Lifting Equipment in accordance with LOLER 1998.

PUWER 1998 requires that all Work Equipment is Suitable, Maintained, Inspected at suitable intervals, and suitable Training and Information is provided on the safe use and operation of the equipment. PUWER 1998 specifically requires that all Work Equipment receives a routine Thorough Examination and Inspection by a competent body such as ourselves.

Lloyds British International will maintain all records including any will report any defects to the relevant body or responsible person.


Work Equipment is defined to include any Machinery, Appliance, Tool, Installation, and any item of Lifting Equipment for use at work. The scope of PUWER 1998 is therefore extremely wide.

Examples of Work Equipment Includes, but is not limited to:

  • Lifting Equipment and Accessories
  • Manual and Powered Pallet Trucks
  • Hydraulic Equipment
  • Axle Stands
  • Ladders and Steps
  • Forklift and Stacker Trucks
  • Excavators and Diggers
  • Racking
  • Passenger and Goods Lifts
  • Vehicle Tail Lifts
  • Power Presses
  • Dock Levellers
  • Waste Compactors

Unlike other regulations such as LOLER 1998, PUWER 1998 does not define a set frequency for a competent person to carry out a Thorough Examination and Inspection. Our recommendation is therefore as follows:

  • Thorough Examination every 12 months at minimum, unless classed as Lifting Equipment or an Accessory for Lifting
  • Thorough Examination every 6 months for equipment associated with lifting people

Why Choose Lloyds British International over other Plant Equipment Inspection Providers?

Lloyds British International as group has been operating on an international status since the 1970’s. This has meant our international teams have unrivalled experience and knowledge when it comes to local and international legislations. Furthermore due the hard working and customer focused culture that is implemented in all our locations it means our teams and customers are always working towards the same goal. Lloyds British International will manage your organisations compliance but also ensure workplace safety and efficiency are also optimised. Another asset that sets us aside from most is our industrial training institute. This means Lloyds British International can be your service provider right the way through from inspection of the equipment to training your individuals how to safely use and operate it no matter where you are in the world.

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