Lifting Equipment Supply

Lloyds British International have strategic partnerships across the globe to ensure we are leading service provider for lifting equipment supply

Lifting Equipment Supply and Safety Products

At Lloyds British International we understand the importance of quality when it comes to usability and safety. Lloyds British International’s world renowned reputation for its unmatched quality and services is reflected in the products provided for customers lifting equipment supply and safety equipment requirements.  Lloyds British International are constantly communicating with their list of approved suppliers to ensure we are able to offer equipment and solutions in line with LBI’s high standards of quality. We are able to supply any type of equipment from webbing slings to chain blocks across a multitude of industries such as offshore operations, steel, construction and the oil and gas sector.

Lifting Equipment Supply

Webbing Slings

From 1 ton - 100 ton

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British Manufactured

We provide our customers with the highest quality safe lifting and load securing products in the industry at the most competitive rates.

Wire Rope Slings

Made to your needs.

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Manufactured in House

Lloyds British International are one of the largest suppliers of wire rope slings to the logistics and oil and gas industry in Africa and The Middle East.

Chain Slings

British Manufactured

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British Made Slings

We offer a wide range of products at very competitive prices and to tailor products to meet specific customer requirements.


Of all Sizes

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We supply some of the largest oil and gas organisations across the globe with shackles. We work to the customers needs and requirements to ensure 100% job satisfaction.

Chain Blocks

Lifting Standards.

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Reputable Brands

Lloyds British International work with the most reputable lifting equipment manufactures to ensure quality and price are up to customer standards.


Supplied Globally

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To your needs.

Lloyds British International are suppliers of hoist equipment from companies such as yale. We promise only the best equipment.

Rigging Loft

To your specification.

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Purchase or Hire

Either available to purchase or hire. We can design and manage a rigging loft specific to your needs and requirements. 

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Safety Equipment Supply

  • Ladders, access equipment (powered and push along)
  • Fall arrest & restraint devices and rescue descending equipment
  • Harnesses, lanyards and karabinas
  • Rescue Kits
  • Life jackets.

Why Choose Lloyds British International over other Lifting Equipment Supply Providers

Lloyds British International as group has been operating on an international status since the 1970’s. This has meant our international teams have unrivalled experience and knowledge when it comes to local and international legislations. Furthermore due the hard working and customer focused culture that is implemented in all our locations it means our teams and customers are always working towards the same goal. Lloyds British International Mauritania will manage your organisations compliance but also ensure workplace safety and efficiency are also optimised. Lloyds British International work with the largest organisations within the oil and gas industry maintaining and inspecting assets on their behalf.  Another asset that sets us aside from most is our industrial training institute. This means Lloyds British International Mauritania can be your service provider right the way through from inspection of the equipment to training your individuals how to safely use and operate it no matter where you are in the world.

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