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Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Inspection are designed to ensure that hazardous substances are extracted from the work place safely and effectively. Under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH 2002).  LEV systems need to receive a through examination and inspection at least once every 14 months to maintain performance and keep your staff and working environment safe and compliant. This Inspection must be carried out by a competent person testing against the standards of the LEV commissioning report. Our unbeatable knowledge and experience will allow us to ensure that you and your organisation are achieve compliance with COSHH 2002.

What is an LEV Inspection?

The Local Exhaust Ventilation LEV Inspection begins with a thorough examination and inspection of the system.  This process tends to entail the following ;

  • Assessing damage for such things as wear and tear
  • Checking that pressure gauges and other display devices function properly.
  • Inspection of water flow and sumps for wet scrubbers.
  • Testing that all the alarms work as they should.
  • Inspection of all of the system’s fans, including speeds and direction.
  • Looking for signs of the system’s overall effectiveness.
  • Checking the filter material.
  • Assessing internal ducts
  • Testing and Inspection to ensure the air cleaning device is working effectively.
  • Analysing the makeup air supply.
  • Measuring air temperature.
  • Comparing volume flow rate against the design specification.
  • Taking gas velocity readings at hood faces, branch ducts and main ducts.

In addition to the Local Exhaust Ventilation Inspection (LEV) we will issue your LEV with the relevant COSHH LEV report.

Local Exhaust Ventilation Inspection (LEV)

Why Choose Lloyds British International over other LEV Inspection Providers?

Lloyds British International as group has been operating on an international status since the 1970’s. This has meant our international teams have unrivalled experience and knowledge when it comes to local and international legislations. Furthermore due the hard working and customer focused culture that is implemented in all our locations it means our teams and customers are always working towards the same goal. Lloyds British International will manage your organisations compliance but also ensure workplace safety and efficiency are also optimised. Another asset that sets us aside from most is our industrial training institute. This means Lloyds British International can be your service provider right the way through from inspection of the equipment to training your individuals how to safely use and operate it no matter where you are in the world.

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