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Competent Operators Programme

A Professional Certificate as Seen on Tamkeen

The Lloyds British International Competent Operators Program has been developed for new operators who have minimal to no previous experience in operating the specific equipment involved. The qualification is intended for those individuals, non-employed or employed, needing the training required to meet the basic knowledge and skilled requirements in order to operate the given equipment within the qualification. On successful completion of the qualification, the operator will obtain and be able to demonstrate the skills, knowledge, and understanding in accordance with Lloyds British International’s approved codes of practice of an earthmoving operative or material handling operative across the optional categories within the scope of the qualification.

This program is designed for entry-level operators with less than 3 years of operating experience. Training includes classroom and in-the-iron activities covering: Relevant Legislation, Safety,  walk around inspections, operators’ compartments, startup/shut down procedures, basic operating procedures based on industry requirements, and basic earthmoving fundamentals so an individual can develop skills to operate equipment safely and proficiently. To achieve this qualification a minimum of 24 credits needs to be attained. This comprises the 1 mandatory unit, Site Safety, and roles and responsibilities for plant operators, plus units from the following 2 optional groups. This course can be seen on Tamkeen

An individual is able to apply for either a EARTH MOVING OPERATIVE or a  MATERIAL HANDLING OPERATIVE. The disciplines covered in each category are as follows 

Earth Moving Operative : 

 Course 1 ) Site Safety Module

Course 2 ) Load Shovel Operator

Course 3 ) Excavator 360/180

Course 4 ) Backhoe Operator

Course 5 ) Bobcat/Skid Steer Operator

Material Handling Operative : 

 Course 1 ) Site Safety Module

Course 2 ) Counterbalance Forklift Truck Operator

Course 3 ) Telescopic Handler Operator

Course 4 ) Rigging and Slinging

Course 5 ) Overhead Crane Travelling Operator

Course 6 ) Lorry Loader Operator (optional)

Course 7 ) Mobile Crane Operator ( to specification / optional )