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Why Lloyds British Bahrain is your go to Testing, Inspection and Training Provider within the Kingdom of Bahrain

Why Lloyds British Bahrain ?

Lloyds British Bahrain are the leading providers of  Testing, Inspection and Training services within the Kingdom of Bahrain. Our highly qualified and experienced team's dedication to maintaining  and improving our customers compliance, workplace efficiency and operators safety is what sets us aside from the rest.

Lloyds British Bahrain Inspection Services

Why Choose our Inspection Services?

Lloyds British Bahrain’s Engineer’s all have 10+ years experience within the Third Party Inspection of Lifting Equipment and Plant Equipment, on and offshore. Our Engineers hold qualifications such as LEEA, DNV, OPITO, NSL, LBI, RTITB, CPCS, IPAF, IOSH and take great pride in the work which they complete. Lloyds British Bahrain’s inspection services are all carried out in accordance with British and European legislation and standards. They not only maximise workplace compliance but also save companies thousands and secure the safety of their personnel through ensuring continued safe use and performance of equipment. For completing the thorough examination of Mobile Cranes, truck mounted cranes, loose lifting gear, telehandlers, MEWPS, Offshore Pedestals, Dockside Cranes and Forklift Trucks Lloyds British Bahrain is your one stop provider who deliver an incomparable service.

Why Choose our Training Services ?

Lloyds British Bahrain are the only Ministry of Labour Approved course provider for industrial and lifting operations training such as Overhead Crane Operator, Lifting Equipment Inspection, Mobile Crane Operator, Rigging and Slinging Operation and Load Shovel Operation. Not only that Lloyds British Bahrain recently rolled out their Competent Operators Programme that is supported by the Ministry of Labour and Tamkeen which consists of a 5 week intensive programme taking novices to a competent operator. Our Institute with UNI Training has 13 modern Classrooms along with practical areas and equipment to cater for all courses being offered within the Kingdom. Our Instructors are NPORS, LEEA, IPAF, RTITB, PASMA, CPCS, Safe Contractor qualified and provide nothing but results driven and technically informative training right the way through all our courses. 

Lloyds British Bahrain Training Services
Lloyds British Bahrain Testing Services

Why Choose our Testing Services ?

Lloyds British Bahrain are the leading Testing Service Provider within the Kingdom of Bahrain.  From Proof Load Testing to Non Destructive Testing and Pressure Testing Lloyds British Bahrain is your one stop provider delivering nothing other than technical excellence. Our 200 Years within the Testing and Inspection has allowed us to gather unmatched experience and knowledge across an array of Testing Techniques. Our Personnel in country are industry experts and with the support of our Technical teams across the world allows us to complete some of the most technical and complex jobs with ease. Within the Kingdom we have a variety of Testing Equipment such as Water bags, Test Weights, NDT Equipment, Pressure Testing Equipment and new Test Bed. 

Have any Queries?

Here at Lloyds British Bahrain we are customer and results focused. If you have a query, wether it be Testing, Inspection, Supply or Training click the button below to speak to one of our team. We are here to boost your workplace efficiency, safety and maximise your compliance!