Dropped Object Survey (DROPS)

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Dropped Object Prevention Scheme (DROPS)

Dropped Object Prevention Scheme (DROPS) or commonly known as a dropped object survey are an essential part of any condition inspection.

Dropped Object Prevention Scheme (DROPS) survey is an additional part of our inspection services as it helps us identify potential risks and provide you with the most efficient maintenance strategy, whilst minimising all risks involved.

Dropped objects are protect against for hundreds of injuries in numerous industry sectors including the Oil and Gas and the Drilling Industry. The goal of the dropped object survey is to improve and preserve workplace health and safety, ensure compliance with local and international legislation, and also combat the risks associated with Dropped objects. Testing and Inspection are at the core of Lloyds British International Bahrain. As a group we have operated for over 200 years safeguarding our customers compliance and workplace safety. Lloyds British International’s team of highly experienced, qualified and customer dedicated engineers allow us to continue to be Bahrain’s leading provider of Dropped Object surveys on and offshore.

What Is a Dropped Object Survey?

When one of Lloyds British International Bahrain’s engineer arrives to do a Dropped object survey what exactly do they do? Well on a survey we will check off the following criteria. With the help of our specialist team we conduct a thorough inspection and detailed survey of tools, equipment, structural assets of the rig in order to to identify potential dropped object threats, incidents, and scenarios. Once the inspection is complete this information is then all compiled into a report to achieve the following the objectives. Each object surveyed is documented including it’s location,  a picture of the object, a description of the object, the objects unique id number and discusses primary securing methods and secondary retention methods. The object is then either given a pass or fail detailing comments for why it is satisfactory or the reason for failure. The failed items are placed on a seperate list. Lloyds British International will then map out safe and not so safe areas using a colour code system. This is all presented with a risk mitigation and risk assessment plan as per a customers specific requirements.

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How Does the Our Colour Coding System Work in a Dropped Object Survey?

Green Zones

The Green Zone

This where the layout and activities of the area present a minimal likelihood of personnel being exposed to potential dropped objects under normal circumstances. This would be classed as an area where any authorised personnel can enter unless any additional barriers are in place

Yellow Zones

The Yellow Zone

In the yellow zone only personnel with specific tasks and authorisation in that zone may enter. All others require the Area Authority’s permission to enter or work in that zone.

Red Zones

The Red Zone

This is where the layout and activities of the area present a significant risk to personnel being exposed to potential dropped objects under normal circumstances. Personnel are more exposed to falling objects, the movement of remotely operated equipment, high pressure, and/or other hazards as determined by risk assessment. Personnel in RedZone must be required for the current operation.

After establishing zones, what equipment are in each zones and the risks applicable to each zone Lloyds British International then implement safe access routes and procedures as per the risk assessment in order to ensure the effect of the Dropped Object Survey is met.

Why Choose Lloyds British International over other DROPS / Dropped Object Survey Providers?

Lloyds British International as group has been operating on an international status since the 1970’s. This has meant our international teams have unrivalled experience and knowledge when it comes to local and international legislations. Furthermore due the hard working and customer focused culture that is implemented in all our locations it means our teams and customers are always working towards the same goal. Lloyds British International will manage your organisations compliance but also ensure workplace safety and efficiency are also optimised. Another asset that sets us aside from most is our industrial training institute. This means Lloyds British International can be your service provider right the way through from inspection of the equipment to training your individuals how to safely use and operate it no matter where you are in the world.

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