Mini Excavator Training Course

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Mini Excavator 3-5 Day Course

Lloyds British International’s approved trainers will teach the operator to prepare, safely operate and maintain a Mini Excavator. On completion of the three day course, the operator will know:

Their statutory duties under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974

The machine identification, terminology and daily maintenance

The safety aspects relating to the usage of this type of plant

The operational disciplines relating to the usage of this type of plant

Course Content

  • Introduction To The Excavator
  • Machine identification and terminology
  • Routine daily maintenance
  • Warning devices
  • Start-up procedure
  • Close-down procedure
  • Excavator stability
  • Types of attachment
  • Machine Operation (No Load):
  • Pre-start checks
  • Mounting machine & start-up
  • Travelling – Reversing – Manoeuvring
  • Travelling on rough terrain (if applicable)
  • Travelling on inclines (if applicable)
  • Use of machine controls Mode of operation:
  • Use of boom and dipper arm
  • Position of attachment prior to and during operation
  • Use of slewing mechanism
  • Machine Operation (Load Conditions):
  • Positioning machine prior to operation Use of boom and dipping arm
  • Practical use of the Excavator
  • Practical use of attachments
  • Close down procedure
  • Reporting Procedures:
  • Reporting defects

Who Will Benefit?

For those who wish to be able to properly and safely operate a mini excavator

What Now?

Should you wish to attend the 3 day Mini Excavator Training Course Please get in touch with one of Lloyds British Internationals expert team members by using the contact form below. Lloyds British International offer the following Mini Excavator Training in Ghana, Uganda, Kuwait and Bahrain

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