Crane Inspection and Maintenance Services

For over 200 years, Lloyds British International has been a trusted name for Crane Inspection and Maintenance services.

Lloyds British International’s main scope of work since 1812 has been providing clients with crane inspection and maintenance services in accordance with LOLER 1998. Along the way Lloyds British International has gathered unrivalled first-hand experience in all manner of crane inspection techniques, across a broad range of industries, across the globe . When we carry out a an inspection, commonly known as a thorough examination or a “LOLER inspection” we aim to implement a safer working environment, protects your organisations employees and ensures the crane remains in good working order and is safe to use. Lloyds British International currently offer Crane Inspection and Maintenance services in Ghana, Uganda, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Mauritania and the surrounding countries.

Crane Inspection Services

Offshore Crane Inspection

Offshore Crane Inspection and maintenance are essential for ensuring the continued good working order and safety of the equipment. Furthermore to comply with local and international legislation our Inspection Services are essential for complete compliance.

Overhead Crane Inspection

Lloyds British International overhead crane inspection service is to not only ensure that compliance is achieved but the equipment continues to be safe and efficient to use. Lloyds British International offer crane inspections in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Uganda,Kuwait, Ghana and all surrounding countries.

Mobile Crane Inspection

Mobile Cranes are an essential asset across a multitude of industries all around the world. Lloyds British International ensure the working order and continued safety of the mobile crane. This is one of the many reasons as to my lifting equipment inspections are essential.

Hoist Inspection

If you own hoisting equipment, you need to ensure that they remain in a safe working condition and remain compliant with local and international legislation. This is where Lloyds British International are able to assist through our vast knowledge of legislation and our lifting equipment inspection services.

Gantry Inspection

All lifting equipment under LOLER 1998 requires a statutory thorough examination. Therefore it is essential every 12 months for you to receive a Gantry Inspection to ensure the safety and working order of the crane.

More About Lifting

Lloyds British International specialise in all things lifting related. From lifting equipment inspection training to proof load testing Lloyds British International are your global go to provider.

Why Choose Lloyds British International over other Crane Inspection and Maintenance Service Provider

Lloyds British International as group has been operating on an international status since the 1970’s. This has meant our international teams have unrivalled experience and knowledge when it comes to local and international legislations. Furthermore due the hard working and customer focused culture that is implemented in all our locations it means our teams and customers are always working towards the same goal. Lloyds British International will manage your organisations compliance but also ensure workplace safety and efficiency are also optimised. Another asset that sets us aside from most is our industrial training institute. This means Lloyds British International can be your service provider right the way through from inspection of the equipment to training your individuals how to safely use and operate it no matter where you are in the world.

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